Liu Lab




Principal Investigator






Prof. Yingmei Liu



2020 - Present, Professor of Physics

2019 - Present, Noble Foundation Endowed Chair

2015 - 2020,  Associate Professor of Physics

2009 - 2015,  Assistant Professor of Physics


Professional Preparations:

2007 - 2009, Research Associate

National Institute of Standards and Technology


2004 - 2007, Postdoctoral Researcher

MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms


1999 - 2004, Ph.D. in Physics

University of Pittsburgh


Selected Awards:

Regents Distinguished Research Award (2020)

NSF CAREER Award (2014)



Current Members


Jared Austin (Sodium Lab)

Ph.D. Student

Email:jared.o.austin AT

Zachary Shaw (Sodium Lab)

Ph.D. Student

Email: zashaw AT


Luke Vaughan (Sodium Lab)

Ph.D. Student

Email: luke.vaughan AT




Cosmo Bineger (Rubidium Lab)

Ph.D. Student

Email: cosmo.binegar AT

Jerry Clark (Rubidium Lab)

Ph.D. Student

Email: jerryhc AT











Former Students


Zihe Chen (Ph.D., 12/2020)

Tao Tang (Ph.D., 12/2018)

Jie Jiang (Ph.D., 12/2015)

Lichao Zhao (Ph.D., 12/2015)

Zongkai Tian (M.S., 12/2012)

Micah Webb (Undergraduate Student, Niblack Scholar, 2012-2013, 2013-2014)

Jared Austin (Undergraduate Student, Niblack Scholar, 2011-2012)

Alex Behlen (Undergraduate Student)